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BlackBerry 25 Days of Gift : Day 10 – Namco Pac-Man !




This will brings back some old memories!. Namco’s world famous arcade game returns and now he’s totally portable! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent avoiding the pesky ghosts while chompin’ on the dots? Or gobbling up the fruit for bonus points! Re-live the arcade action on your BlackBerry phone!.

Now, it’s FREE with BlackBerry 25 Days of Gifts! 

Pac-Man from Namco brings :
• Your classic yellow hero in the palm of your hand.
• Master levels and unlock new ones.
• 256 levels are included!
• PAC-MAN and his 4 foes are chomping into your phone!
• Chomp dots, outrun ghosts, and relive the arcade action.

APPS : BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 Updated To v3.3.0.25


Bridge on Z10

It’s been awhile BlackBerry Bridge didn’t received any updates. Now, BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 has been updated to  v3.3.0.25 and fixed a few small bug fixes.

This release addresses two known issues:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook might not send or receive BBM messages after updating BBM
  • Media Card doesn’t appear in BlackBerry PlayBook File Manager

Download BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 From BlackBerry World

MEDIA : Sony SmartWatch Working on BlackBerry Z10 in Video!




Eir (CB Forum member) has published a demo of the Sony SmartWatch 2 working with BlackBerry Z10. The Z10 runs a leaked 10.2.1 version of the OS, and thanks to  thanks in part to the new Android Runtime which supports Bluetooth connection, and that’s about all that was needed for the SmartWatch to connect. Some tricks were necessary, of course, and not everything works so far, but the result is most pleasing, anyway.\



Source : CB Forums

NEWS : US President Barack Obama Not allowed To Have an iPhone Due To Security Reasons


Obama BlackBerry

Speaking to a group of young people at the White House on Wednesday, Obama admitted he not allowed to have iPhone due to security reasons

“I’m not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone,” Obama told a group of young people at the White House for an event promoting his health care law. He added that his daughters Sasha and Malia spend a lot of time on their iPhones.

BlackBerry is known in Government and Enterprise as the Gold Standard in security, having been authorized more times for higher security clearances than any other OS or hardware. While BlackBerry remains in a stagnant state with the hope it can turnaround in the coming fiscal quarters, the company remains the only smartphone and service provider to be given “authority to operate” on U.S. Defense Dept. networks.

Source: Yahoo News

BACKDOOR : How To Get BlackBerry HUB on Your PlayBook



This is exciting news indeed. The latest discovery shows off the BlackBerry Hub can run on the PlayBook using Bridge.

Although, there are limited what you can do (send emails etc is no go) it’s still worth to give a try.

To get the BlackBerry Hub on your PlayBook, you need to pair your BlackBerry PlayBook with your BlackBerry 10 phone. The phone must have the latest Bridge update available.

You then need to click on an email hyperlink in a BBM Message (You can send email link via BBM). Then clicked the email hyperlink on the PlayBook and the PlayBook brings up an compose screen.

Then click on the button on the lower left hand corner and it will bring up the message accounts on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

Hope there are more backdoors hidden elsewhere waiting to be found!.

Source: BerryFlow via BBOS