NEWS : BBUGMY Meraikan Anak-Anak Yatim Ma’ahad Tahfiz Akedemi Iqra dan Rumah Kasih Murni Keramat


Sabtu 19hb Julai, 2014. Bertempat di Pusat Komuniti Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar. Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur. BlackBerry User Group Malaysia telah meraikan anak-anak yatim Ma’ahad Tahfiz Akedemi Iqra dan Rumah Kasih Murni Keramat dengan penuh meriah.  Read more

NEWS : BlackBerry Passport Equipped With 3450mAh Battery and 4 Microphones!!!




Donny Haliwell from Inside BlackBerry Blog has gave another awesome information about BlackBerry Passport.

The BlackBerry Passport will rocking with 3450mAh battery, so far the most powerful ever battery for any smartphone. Previously BlackBerry Z30 only equipped with 2880mAh battery. This will ensure that you always available throughout the day!.  Read more

NEWS : BlackBerry Stop Missing Out Begins Today!



As we mentioned earlier, BlackBerry is bringing back the “Stop Missing Out!” campaign today, giving Malaysians the chance to stay connected while joining in on the fun with some of Malaysia’s most popular celebrities. Fans and customers of BlackBerry will have the opportunity to enter a contest, for the chance to win fun-filled outings and activities with some of Malaysia’s top entertainers and celebrities, including gregarious pop star Aizat Amdan, popular TV host Daphne Iking, radio personality and adventure junkie Rina Omar, and lovable TV personality Nazrudin RahmanRead more

NEWS : BlackBerry Wins Three Prestigious Red Dot Awards For Product Design





While many said BlackBerry nearly died, BlackBerry recently has won three Red Dot awards for their product design on the BlackBerry Q5, Q10 and Z30 devices for 2014.

This proof that BlackBerry still have it’s strength.

“We pride ourselves on industrial design that is simple and intuitive in functionality, while maintaining iconic and familiar elements such as our keyboard and productivity-based user experience,” said Brian Paschke, Senior Industrial Designer, Portfolio Direction at BlackBerry. “While our smartphones have evolved over time, we remain focused on being highly detail oriented in order to deliver modern and high quality devices.”

Read more

NEWS : Good Technology MisInformation Meets #BBFactCheck

Remember we mentioned earlier about BBFactCheck?

Flashy brochures, data-packed whitepapers and expensive reports are all common tools used in marketing today.  Read more