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NEWS : BlackBerry to Announce Appstore deal with Amazon



BlackBerry is expected to announce their deal with Amazon Inc. To gain the access to Amazon’s e-commerce Appstore later today (Wednesday).
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NEWS : BlackBerry Z3 Launch in Malaysia On 24th June 2014



As we expected, BlackBerry Z3 will be launch before month of Ramadan (which will starts June 29th) in Malaysia.

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NEWS : BlackBerry Z3 Launch In India On 25th June?



According to The Times of India and several other outlets, invites have been sent out for the event of BlackBerry Z3 which scheduled to take place on June 25th.
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NEWS : Happy 5th Birthday BBUGMY!!!

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Happy 5th Birthday BBUGMY!!!


BlackBerry User Group Malaysia (BBugMy) a club formed in 2009 and successfully registered (6th June 2010) with Registrar of Societies (ROS) Malaysia, is Malaysia’s leading BlackBerry user integrated group. With mission To attract as many of Blackberry user world wide.This is another medium for all blackberry users for social networking and the destination for those who desire the best in BlackBerry news coverage, software and accessory reviews, how-tos, tips and tricks.   Read more

APPS : Nusantara’s Kid Stickers Landed in BBM Shop For Indonesian Users


Indonesian users again received another stickers ; Nusantara’s Kid by Susilo Saptoady.

Nusantara’s Kids contains 20 stickers showing kids with different emotions from Indonesia.

Previously Indonesia users received Coca-Cola Indonesia stickers also made specially for them.

For more how to use BBM Stickers, check HERE.