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DEVELOPERS : BlackBerry Z30 Apps in BlackBerry World Will Be Automatically Available For BlackBerry Z3



Developers! BlackBerry has informed that if your apps are available for the BlackBerry Z30 in BlackBerry World, then it also will be automatically be made available for the upcoming BlackBerry Z3 smartphone.

At Mobile World Congress last week, we announced our newest BlackBerry smartphone – the BlackBerry Z3! Set to go on sale in Indonesia this April, the stylish new device will give customers the BlackBerry 10 experience at an affordable price. 

Of importance to developers – the BlackBerry Z3 shares features common with the BlackBerry Z30 including the same physical dimensions, a 5″ touch display and support for BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1. Plus, most apps that currently support the BlackBerry Z30 will also function on the new smartphone. 

That said, for your convenience, we will automatically expand your device support to include the new smartphone. 



However, should for any reason you do not wish for your app to be made available for the BlackBerry Z3 you can simply opt out and perhaps add compatibility at a later stage.

BlackBerry already start sending the emails. All developers should able to get the email soon.


NEWS : Viber Coming Soon To BlackBerry 10


We previously heard about rumors Viber coming to BlackBerry 10. However, since then there is no latest news on it. Although, Viber has been on BlackBerry (BBOS) devices for very long time, but so far users are still waiting for it’s to land on BlackBerry 10 platform. Read more

NEWS : BlackBerry Launch The BlackBerry Innovation Community – Place To Share Your Ideas And Feedback

The BlackBerry Innovation Community

The BlackBerry Innovation Community

If you wonder whether is there any place for you to offer your feedback directly to BlackBerry on their products and services, rejoice! cause BlackBerry is now lunching it’s BlackBerry Innovation Community.  Read more

NEWS : Next BBM Update Will Brings Larger File Uploads, Photo Sharing in multi-person chats And Larger Emoticons



We already knew that BlackBerry currently in the making of much-much better BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Even, we didn’t know the official date for the next update, but we do know that many updates and improvement are coming.  Read more

RUMORS : Could This Be BlackBerry Q20?





When BlackBerry announced that it BlackBerry Q20 will be in the market in second half 2014. Many trying to figure out how it may lookslike. So far, we only have a bit info that it will comes with  a full classic QWERTY keypad device with  ‘Menu’, ‘Back’, ‘Send’ and ‘End’ Buttons and the Integrated Trackpad.

BBM Channel C00019CAE posted a concept image of what expected to be a Q20. Looks promising. I myself, feels that it’s a good choice of BlackBerry to brings back the buttons as it’s make accessing things easier.

What do you think about this concept BlackBerry Q20?


Image via BBM Channel C00019CAE via CB