NEWS : Thousands Flooded Celcom BlackBerry Z30 Carnival in Sunway Pyramid



Today, Celcom is having their BlackBerry Z30 Carnival at Celcom’s flagship store in Sunway Pyramid. The event is very happening with  performance from street magicians, jumping stilts performers, popcorn, ice cream and candy cane stores, a good place for an afternoon of family fun.

Crowds started flooding the carnival as early as 8:00 am.

“I don’t want to miss this BEST offer!” said Khairulyadi. Khairulyadi among hundreds of BlackBerry fans that started queuing as early as 8:00am hoping not to miss the Awesome Celcom BlackBerry Z30 promotions .

Queue! queue!

Queue! queue!

BBUGMY President, Mr. Nelson Rizal with his new BlackBerry Z30

BBUGMY President, Mr. Nelson Rizal with his new BlackBerry Z30

The promotions, where the first 200 customers can purchase the Blackberry Z30 at only RM738 (from the RRP of RM1998) when they sign up to any Celcom First Voice + Data mPro bundle plans, which start from RM128/month on a 24-month contract and will get freebies include a free Blackberry Z10 LTE worth RM1899, an Urbanears Headset worth RM340, a pair of Alicia Keys concert tickets worth RM590, and a downloadable Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire album a total that worth more than RM2700!!!

“I came here to have a look on the latest BlackBerry Z30. I’ve bring my family along as I’ve read through BlackBerry User Group (BBUGMY) blog that this is a carnival for whole family. My kids love it!” said Zainol an architect who visit the carnival with wife and his 2 kids.


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“我不想错过这个最好的报价!” Khairulyadi说。,早8:00开始Khairulyadi排队在数百黑莓粉丝里,希望不要错过这么棒的西尔康黑莓Z30促销。
促销,前200名客户可以RM738 (市场价RM1998 )购买黑莓Z30,只要他们签署任何西尔康第一语音+数据的MPRO捆绑计划,开始从RM128/month的24个月的合同并会得到赠品包括一个免费的黑莓Z10 LTE价值RM1899 URBANEARS耳机价值RM340 , Alicia Keys的演唱会门票,价值RM590的一对,和一个可下载的Alicia Keys的女孩Fire的专辑总价值超过RM2700 !
建筑师Zainol与妻子和他的2个孩子拜访这派对说,“我来到这里,来看看最新的BlackBerry Z30 。我带我的家人一起,因为我读过通过集团的黑莓用户博客( BBUGMY ),这是一个全家的嘉年华。我的孩子们也喜欢它! “