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CONTEST : TShirt Berkualiti dari Kitasama Clothing


Tweet Tercari-cari TShirt yang menarik dari fabrik berkualiti dan mempunyai design yang mempunyai gaya tersendiri? Mungkin Kitasama adalah jawapannya! Editor mempunyai kulit yang sensitif dan tidak sesuai memakai TShirt yang

Where Can I Buy a Blackberry in Malaysia?

Dari kiri : Sabri (Chief Technical), Eas (Tech team), Arisham (Exec Editor), Nelson (President) dan Rex (Tech team)

It’s the end of the day.

You’re with your friends.

Or your colleagues.

You’re having a cup of teh tarik at the mamak.

Or having a nice piece of chocolate indulgence at Secret Recipe.

Maybe even your favourite cup of macchiato at your favourite signature cafe.

All the gossips out.

All the plans discussed for tomorrow’s big meeting.

The presentation should go well.

Someone breaks out a one-line comedy shot.

And laughter is shared together.

Everything calms down.

All food and drinks almost eaten and sipped.

Everyone starts picking up their phones.

Typing away at unread messages.

Scanning through the details for tomorrow’s job.


You look at your old phone.

A Blackberry Curve 9320.

A Bold 9900.

A Z10.

A Q10.

A Q5.

A Z30.

Or even at an aging Android or iOS device.

Then you start sharing, “I heard that Blackberry’s still around?”

“Huh? Not dead yet, meh?”

“Haha Yeah! Remember the good old days with thosekeyboards?”

“Yeah, Crackberries.” *Smirks*

You smile.

You could be among the people whom still carry around that aging Bold.

Or be using the more recent but equally aging BB10 device.

And then, “I heard they came out with that weird-looking phone?”

“Which one?”

“The Passport, is it?”

You quickly jump, “Yeah! The Passport!”

Then you remember the articles.

The pictures you’ve seen.

The videos you’ve watched.

And all the proof that showed that Blackberry was still alive.

“Hey, where can I get it, uh?”

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Which one’s best for you? The Blackberry Leap (2015) or the Blackberry Z30 (2013)


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Blackberry has gone through a lot of changes over the years; from top CEOs handling the company, to even the devices that they offer.

A few days ago, we had the Blackberry Leap shipping to pre-ordered hands thanks to with positive reviews.

But, even fans among us argue; Why is the Leap even released? Isn’t the Z30 better? Should I switch? Should I get it?

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NEWS : BlackBerry Leap Will Be Available Begining May 23rd in Singapore



After Malaysian, Singaporean that eagerly waiting for BlackBerry Leap, now can start their joy as BlackBerry has announced that BlackBerry Leap will be available in Singapore begining 23rd May.

The BlackBerry Leap will be available in Singapore through M1 Shop outlets, as well as the enterprise sales teams of carriers M1, Singtel and StarHub.

Cameron Vernest, Managing Director for Singapore at BlackBerry, said: “With an all-touch screen, the BlackBerry Leap rounds out our portfolio of BlackBerry 10 devices, offering an affordable choice to mobile professionals who require a smartphone that safeguards sensitive communications and keeps them productive.”

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NEWS : New Update for iPhone BBM (Now You Can Edit Sent Messages!)


Have BBM on your iPhone? Well you’re in luck! A new update for the client has been rolled out for iPhone beta with a few bug fixes and an additional option when using message retraction.

Read on to see what’s new;

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APPS : Flashcards Master – With FREE Redeem Codes!

Flashcards Master

Flashcards Master

Finally, there is a native BlackBerry 10 Flashcards application! Flashcards Master is an application intended to bring the functionality of creating, managing and reviewing flashcards for memorization of the desired content. Flashcards Master will help you to broaden your foreign language vocabulary, to learn terms and definitions, prepare for the exam or just keep you busy by studying a new stuff.

Features: – Simple, colourful and customizable user interface in Cascades;
– Create / Edit / Delete a Deck; – Create / Edit / Delete a Flashcard;
– Add / Remove Images to / from a Flashcard;
– Review Flashcards with customizable animations;
– Select from 6 beautiful backgrounds for your Flashcards;
– View both Front and Back sides of a Flashcard;
– Shuffle Flashcards;
– Enable / Disable Flip Animation;
– Enable Reverse mode (show Back side first);
– Backup / Restore Flashcards;
– Automatically create Flashcards from a Text File; – Search a Deck;
– Simple Help page;
– Sample Flashcards (“National Flags”, “National Capitals”, “Earth in Figures”. More to come with next updates)
– Landscape and Portrait modes

Flashcards Master is priced at RM 6.00. However, good news for BBUGMY readers, Oleg Obitov is generous to give us some redeem codes, quick grab it while still available!