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EDITORIAL : Patutkah BlackBerry Mempertimbangkan Untuk Tablet Terbaru?



Semenjak BlackBerry menghentikan pengeluaran tablet mereka, PlayBook dimana bekas CEO BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins mengatakan bahawa BlackBerry tidak akan mengeluarkan tablet terbaru, ramai peminat dan pengguna BlackBerry kecewa dengan keputusan tersebut.

Dibawah pengurusan CEO baru, John Chen, ramai yang menaruh harapan bahawa John mempunyai pandangan yang berbeza dan mempertimbangkan untuk mengeluarkan peranti tablet terbaru menggantikan PlayBook. Ini kerana John amat agresif dan yakin BlackBerry akan kembali kezaman popularnya. Ini dibuktikan dengan kehadiran peranti-peranti baru dari BlackBerry.

Jawapan John Chen kepada CNET di Mobile World Congress baru-baru ini mungkin memberikan sedikit harapan kepada mereka yang menantikan dengan penuh sabar kehadiran tablet terbaru dari BlackBerry.

“It’s not in the works, but it’s on my mind. I want it to be different. I want it to be iconic,” Chen said. “Bringing a tablet out for a tablet’s sake, it’s not the right thing to do,” jokingly adding “We could always call it a PlayBook 2.”


Namun begitu, saya berpendapat BlackBerry akan mengambil masa untuk mengeluarkan peranti tablet terbaru. Ini kerana mereka perlu memastikan bahawa kelemahan dalam pemasaran PlayBook dan kekurangan ‘eco-system’ perlu di baiki. Begitu juga dengan jumlah applikasi-applikasi untuk tablet. Semuanya mesti diberi perhatian.

Jika ini berjaya diatasi, tablet terbaru dari BlackBerry pastinya akan mendapat tempat kerana pengguna mahukan peranti samada untuk enterprise atau ‘end-user’ yang boleh diyakini keselamatannya dan mempunyai ‘eco-system’ dengan peranti BlackBerry sediaada.

Bagaimana dengan anda? Adakah anda berpendapat bahawa BlackBerry telah bersedia untuk mengeluarkan tablet terbaru untuk bersaing dengan populariti Apple dan Android?

APPS : S4BB’s Search for Agoda Launched with World-Wide Travel Booking



S4BB Limited has just released Search for Agoda to make it dead-simple to book your travel & accommodation with your mobile phone. Besides our already existing Search for Booking app this new Search for Agoda has been launched to offer choice to our customers world-wide. By integrating into the BlackBerry Assistant / Universal Device Search it is now possible to search for your travel destination right from the BlackBerry home screen.

Get Search for Agoda now to go shopping on Agoda right from the home screen of you BlackBerry 10 device. You can your next family trip, hotel accommodation for business trips and even find exclusive deals.

NEWS : BBM for Android Hits 100 Million Downloads on Google Play



BlackBerry has announced that their BBM for Android has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play Store within 17 months following its released in October 2013.

BBM for Android has officially achieved a milestone on the Google Play Store: 100 million installs. That puts BBM in the top tier of messaging apps on Google Play, and we got there in a little over a year as we first posted BBM for Android in late October 2013. We have 3.7 million reviews, and just shy of 2.4 million of them are five stars.


BBM for Android is now listed in the 100 million-500 million installs category. BlackBerry also notes that this is just a part of their total, given their availability on iOS, Windows Phone, and of course, BlackBerry.

BBM recently updated with lots of new features which include Custom PINs (for a small monthly fees), availibility to post pictures in group chat and support for Android Wear which let you view notifications, reply messages, all from your wrist.

Source: BlackBerry

APPS : Nemory Studios’s Inst10 (Native Instagram Client) Now Available in BlackBerry World



Inst10 (Previous BETA name Insta10 & Inst4gran)  is now already out of BlackBerry BETA Zone and now available on BlackBerry World.

The app will take a freemium style model. To give you a feel of all the pro features, there is a 7-day trial available.

Checkout full features:

  • All features of Instagram you see on other platforms are available on #inst10
  • Buttery Smooth, Fluid, Fast, Beautiful and Customizable UI
  • User Friendly UI and Experience
  • Create/Register an Account
  • Upload and Post Photos
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Receive Headless Hub Integrated Notifications (Pro)
  • Great Emojis + Emoticons Keyboard (Pro)
  • Compose and reply from the BlackBerry Hub (Pro)
  • Re-Gram and Re-Direct Posts (Pro)
  • Share a photo from anywhere to #inst10
  • Edit your Pictures with an Advanced Editor + Filters
  • Save Images and Videos
  • Find friends from Facebook
  • Find friends from Contacts
  • Multi Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Switch to Dark Theme (Pro)
  • Change overall Color Schemes (Pro)
  • Set your overall App Wallpaper + a Wallpaper Store (Pro)
  • Put more security with adding an App Security Password Layer (Pro)

It is free to download. Pro features will cost $2.99 but as mentioned already, there is a 7-day trial available to try out all the pro features. Another great app from Nemory Studios.

Download Inst10 from BlackBerry World

APPS : BBM for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android updates now available – Brings Custom PIN and More!



As we expected, thanks to the earlier BETA announcement, BBM has now been updated for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android.

The feature list for this update is rather large and includes custom BBM PINs, Android Wear support, Password protection and landscape mode for iOS users plus, you can now share photos in group chats and have multiple BBM channel contributors. You can have a look at the full rundown below or just head on into your respective app store and grab the update right now.

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