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CONTEST : Kempen “Stop Missing Out!” BlackBerry bersama BBUGMY


Tweet Jangan ketinggalan peluang untuk bertemu dengan selebriti kegemeran anda serta memenangi baucer KFC !!! BlackBerry dan BBUGMY kini bekerjasama bagi memberikan anda peluang untuk bertemu dengan selebriti kegemeran anda

CONTEST : Stop Missing Out! With BBUGMY Week 3 RESULT !!

Stop Missing Out Prize

Tweet Congratulations! Safri Anugerah Illahi bin Ramle (BBUGMY) for winning Week 3 Stop Missing Out! with BBUGMY contest. Enjoy ur KFC with your dearest ones!! For those who still yet to win

CONTEST : Stop Missing Out! With BBUGMY Week 2 RESULT !!


Tweet Congratulations! Jafrul Firdaus bin Jinan Taib (BBUGMY) for winning Week 2 Stop Missing Out! with BBUGMY contest. Enjoy ur KFC with your dearest ones!! For those who still yet to win

APPS : Diwali Promotion – Free Apps from S4BB Limited in Collaboration with BlackBerry World


S4BB Limited and BlackBerry World have launched an exclusive promotion for the DIWALI festival of lights in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia & New Zealand from October 21st – 25th, 2014. During the promotion period 4 apps of S4BB Limited are being offered for free:

Customers can save a total of up to $13.96 on those 4 apps!

Customers in any of the mentioned 6 countries are invited to participate in that offer and grab their free copy. The promotion can be accessed through the BlackBerry World mobile app or by clicking on the following link:
(note: link only works in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand)

Rumors: Lenovo resuming interest in BlackBerry?



A news report from Benzinga has reported that Lenovo will make an offer to acquire BlackBerry next week. Rumors are saying that they’ll be offering $15/share and it can go up to $18/share. January last year was the first attempt by Lenovo to acquire BlackBerry but the move was rejected by BlackBerry. Head on to Benzinga to read more about it.

VIDEO : Looks who is using BlackBerry Passport -Celebrity chef, writer and TV Host Tyler Florence!




From a comedian to a chef! More and more people, professionals found BlackBerry Passport is a perfect choice for their day to day activities!.

Recently, Celebrity chef, writer and television host Tyler Florence while having talks with Global TV about his new book Inside the Test Kitchen, been asked about his smartphone. Guess what? BlackBerry Passport! and check out his awesome answer in video below!

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NEWS : BlackBerry Z3 Memenangi Anugerah Telefon Pintar Paling Mampu Milik Terbaik 2014!



Berita baik buat #TeamBlackBerry! Peranti telefon pintar BlackBerry Z3 telah terpilih sebagai Anugerah Teknotel  ‘ Telefon Pintar Paling Mampu Milik Terbaik 2014 ‘!

Pemilihan tersebut telah diadakan di Minggu Teknologi GITEK 2014 yang diadakan baru-baru ini di Dubai.

Menurut Chris Corsi, Pen

According to Chris Corsi, Pengarah Urusan Negeri, UAE untuk  BlackBerry:

We are delighted and honored with this esteemed TeknoTel award following the launch of the well-received BlackBerry Z3 earlier this year. This award recognizes our success in extending the BlackBerry 10 platform to a new generation of customers in the Middle East, offering them more ways to connect, share and be productive.

Kami gembira dan berbesar hati dengan anugerah TeknoTel yang berprestij ini  berikutan pelancaran BlackBerry Z3 mendapat sambutan awal tahun ini. Anugerah ini telah mengiktiraf kejayaan kita dalam meluaskan platform BlackBerry 10 kepada pelanggan generasi baru di Timur Tengah, menawarkan mereka cara yang lebih banyak untuk berhubungan , berkongsi dan menjadi produktif .

BlackBerry sebelum ini telah memenangi pelbagai anugerah sistem pengoperasi, perkakasan dan pelbagai lagi. Anugerah ini secara tidak langsung melambangkan BlackBerry masih merupakan peranti popular dan efisien untuk digunakan.

Tahniah BlackBerry!.

RUMORS : BBM Meetings Coming On 13th November?




BlackBerry has released a (again! selected) BBM Beta Programme (v10.5.2.7, v10.5.3.7 or v10.5.4.7) recently which includes new Features:

  • Improved Sticker Picker
  • Auto transfer of HQ photos
  • Rate BBM

and of course bug fixes ;

  • User should not bet allowed to play a video while doing screen share through a video call
  • Heavy lag experienced after user send/receive few stickers and copied the chat in the message typing area to compose a full length message
  • “Rate App Prompt” now appears every time after the user reopens BBM after selecting “Remind me later” on first showing
  • Inserting some smileys after a word that with a # inserts only the smiley short code
  • Voice call with a BBOS user is being disconnected after a while
  • In the dark background, characters in the display name field are not seen properly by the user when an error occurs.

BlackBerry also shown a hidden web page in their BBM website which SnapChat-like message timeouts and retractions known as BBM meetings which John Sims, BlackBerry’s President of Global Enterprise Solution mentioned earlier in The Jakarta Post ;

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