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  • 39/M/KL/24D50164/Ask me anything about BlackBerry! or create your own personalized message!
  • Add anything you like to get you connected!


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  1. says:

    39/M/KL/24D50164/Ask me anything about BlackBerry! or create your own personalized message!

  2. Joker says:

    PIN:2A5AD4E5 – hero jokerr
    PIN:28C079F0 – mei lee
    PIN:2395C453 – BabyNuyull’s
    PIN:223E4105 – daus dem
    PIN:21E902DD – hero dawson
    PIN:27D62975 – Hero Lylo
    PIN:28BDC733 – Komi Wilson’s
    PIN:2AC75ECB – Ewan
    PIN:235E0122 – Yus’s whoott
    PIN:2742C4AE – Malam Jumaat
    PIN:2989817C – @AlanzSykes
    PIN:239350CC – Apek Whoott
    PIN:21D45668 – amiey sykes
    PIN:2A4272A3 – sam whoott
    PIN:26D76523 – Fakhri Licious
    PIN:2AD30EBE – Mael_Swagger
    PIN:2B70450E – Pwincess Nadelf Ed
    PIN:27AB40A7 – elijaaa / rachel
    PIN:2A42094A – Eyntan alexa
    PIN:216C394A – lee naa
    PIN:29504369 – ElyxnxHxroro
    PIN:268FC196 – @LyezaLengloyy_
    PIN:2897AAD6 – Angeliya
    PIN:28BB530A – iBabyHaroro
    PIN:213A590F – NanaWhoott
    PIN:29CBCAA9 – IffaMahone
    Pin:2884A16F – Rara Azmi’s
    PIN:25655F12 – @_Shyikin
    PIN:236404F6 – Ieykin Annzu
    PIN:21DF96A6 – Nxnx hudson
    PIN:22CA8535 – @BebyDawson
    PIN:2AB737D6 – Raraa Guess
    PIN:29CB9789 – aifymartinaz
    PIN:29EBDD12 -byhah
    PIN:2A725840 – baby elaine’s
    PIN:2824E05C – Heroin Vesxandra
    PIN:2B2D16C9 – izzah
    PIN:2879CD03 – iZareena Lee
    PIN:2A6CD0BC – ︵▸ Cιк joуαh @>– (y)
    PIN:27CC6E79 – fina
    PIN:2701D541 – pyka
    PIN:2B5C793C – ƦΔЯд @>–
    PIN:229ED34F – A̶R̶I̶N̶ Ѕ̶α̶γ̶α̶α̶α̶и̶ǥ̶ǥ̶♥̶
    PIN:280824F3 – Puteri Nur Zahirah
    PIN:20C41C62 – EllDrewson
    PIN:271D8A8F – MoyySykes
    PIN:22557AFE – CikGulaa
    pin:236D035A – wan

  3. says:

    Get add.. for saudi and gcc countries..<3

  4. says:

    Pin:2B0D7BDE add me saudi people

  5. halel gafor says:


  6. ezmeer says:

    22/M/2AE9C819/add me if you need someone to play games with.

  7. orang johor says:

    wassup ols

  8. ell says:

    18 female bisexual london uk 237075B1

  9. ibrocinee says:

    Add mee 24dfbea5

  10. osi says:

    2ACFFD5B my pin

  11. caitlin says:

    Add me 73EA3B52 boys 14-16 :*

  12. caitlin says:

    Add me 73EA3B52 boys uk 14-16 xx :*

  13. jas says:

    Add me girls 24f335dd male 36 uk

  14. Hi says:

    Pin – 7ADAEF98 13 girl

  15. casey says:

    7B4C7697 add me,female 17
    Won’t regret it

  16. Dimaz says:

    2116CF39 Add me please :)

  17. Hafiz-MHB says:

    pin : 2AD1C426

  18. walextof says:

    Add me- 330550F9

  19. putra esa says:

    BBM Baik untok saudari dn keluarga

  20. putra esa says:

    Slmt Berbuka puasa

  21. walextof says:

    Th correct pin is 30B550F9

  22. says:

    Your average mixed race British lad, add up classy ladies between 14 to 18.


  23. Persistence says:

    Pέrsy”̮!-):E>* add People :)


  24. Kepten says:

    PIN:29E4F55B – нαяιzт ємαη
    PIN:297933F5 – MR LEE LAURENT
    PIN:2252F85D – King Boy
    PIN:27F28F11 – Syed Rasyid
    PIN:29E6602E – Kapten Paez
    PIN:2A8DE20A – Rauf Husniey
    PIN:21656FAA – HeroLarson
    PIN:25D93167 – Kids Man
    PIN:21B92DF6 – Mr Fadh
    PIN:2A61A454 – Jack Daniel
    PIN:25B6CD70 – Rafy Udyn
    PIN:25D0F82E – Daniel
    PIN:260EFED4 – Idam Slayer
    PIN:2605B191 – CaerAzandra
    PIN:29CB1A3D – Akim
    PIN:21A0976B – Niel Solero
    PIN:2AC75FBB – Im JayJay
    PIN:2314DBEB – Dani
    PIN:2A857308 – Amirul Hafiz
    PIN:22A67081 – Naqieb Naz
    PIN:22764733 – AdlieySam
    PIN:22621BEF – Mr Akim
    PIN:26908DDA – Apid
    PIN:29ED346C – DausVALE
    PIN:222F3B56 – Zaahid
    PIN:271DA328 – IstadaFirdaus
    PIN:266107D5 – GeneRaLMison

  25. Jafrul says:

    Add me 2B5A11B6ٓ
    38/m/KL ask me anything about BlackBerry. Eh? Tiru lak..
    LOL. Add me and ask me how to join our active bbm Malaysia group.

  26. husni abdul hamid says:

    M/kl. 2B5E904F

  27. fitri says:

    28bde832 m\24

  28. Sophie Murs says:

    17 f uk! add me! clean conversations only no older than 21

  29. helmi says:

    Exchange Ideas M/35/Kota Bharu add me 2AE24C8F

  30. says:

    Female, UK, 17 clean chats only please!! 7A5FFE21

  31. Nony says:

    24CB95F2. M/kl…add me

  32. Hanif says:

    20 y/o, Male, Indonesian, Pin:26858AB0.. Add me!

  33. martin smith says:

    add my bbm pin male 33 south wales 2b57ff82

  34. Kasey says:

    7A179D1 ASL: 19/M/London add pretty please and I will love you forever

  35. Kasey says:

    7A179D1 ASL: 19/M/London and single

  36. BIGDADDY says:


  37. Allen says:

    M fresh nd cool..add up girls only

  38. CoffeeMaster says:

    Add me up 7EEA7ACD clean convo only 😀 interested in meeting friends around the globe

  39. J. Hakku says:

    28725BC9:- 36/M/Klang Valley. Ladies,Add me for coffe & movie,I guess.

  40. mnabil.mnasir says:

    37/M/KL/2BB0F5B5/Creating network of friends. Lang: Malay, English, Japanese..

  41. Will says:

    25 M NY Single!

    Add me women 😉 18+


  42. Me :))) says:

    Add me on pin :) need some more contacts 79004BB7

  43. roshenjacob says:

    Hai…I am roshen jacob 21 yrs old male…want some international friends or someone special…2BCE4CD8 this is my pin…

  44. omararnaut says:

    58e14f16 my pin
    all friends

  45. MasaShigeF says:

    add me : 582A42D3

  46. schlepiee says:


  47. Caca dhavid says:

    Wow.. Been so cool pin:2B32247D have it palz

  48. swdj1234 says:

    male from bali.. girl pls add me..

  49. swdj1234 says:

    male from bali

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