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Tanya Dr. BB : Bagaimana Membeli dari BlackBerry World tanpa Credit Card?

TANYA Dr. BB : Bateri Cepat Panas

Tanya Dr. BB : Perbezaan Spesifikasi BlackBerry Passport vs iPhone 6


HOW TO – General :

HOW TO : Menggunakan BBM Pada PC/Laptop! (Use BBM on PC/Laptop) 

HOW TO : Bagaimana Menggunakan BlackBerry Channel Untuk Bisness Anda

HOW TO : Share You Location With Friends on BBM – Powered by Glympse

HOW TO : Use BBM 2.1 Stickers

HOW TO : Insert Flags In BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

HOW TO : Change Your BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Wallpaper

HOW TO : Menggunakan Jam Pintar Pebble Bersama BlackBerry 10

ARTICLE : Menggunakan Mi Band (Fitness Band) Dengan BlackBerry 10 

HOW TO : Run GMAIL Apps (Android) On Your BlackBerry 10



HOW TO – OLD BlackBerry Devices (OS 4.5-OS 7.1)

1) HOW TO : Wipe and Reinstall Fresh OS For BlackBerry OS 4.5-7.1


HOW TO : OS 10 (BlackBerry 10) 

1) HOW TO : Install BlackBerry 10.1 BETA on Your Device

2) HOW TO : Get BlackBerry OS10.2 Update Without Have To Wait For Telco Push!

3) HOW TO : Install APK Directly Using LEAKED OS

4) HOW TO : Install APK (Android Apps) Directly To BlackBerry 10 – OS 10.2.1

5) HOW TO : Set Picture Password ON BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 

6) HOW TO : Sideload Android Apps (BAR file) Using Chrome Extension For BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

7) HOW TO : Fix Android Sideload Apps Not Running (Blank) On BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

8) HOW TO : Install TuneTalk App On Your BlackBerry10 Device?




HOW TO – Z10 & Q10

1) HOW TO : How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

2) HOW TO : Add Word Substitution (AutoText) in Z10

3) HOW TO : Enable Flash in Z10 Browser

4) HOW TO : Set Up Evernote in Z10

5) HOW TO : 3 Ways To Update OS on Z10

6) HOWTO : Side Load Your BlackBerry10 With Android Apps (*.bar)

7) HOW TO : Transfer Data From Legacy (Old) BlackBerry To Z10

8) HOW TO : BlackBerry10 Notifications Icons Descriptions

9) HOW TO : Screen Capture Using Z10

10) HOW TO : Change EMail Signature On Z10

11) HOW TO : Delete Prior in BlackBerry10 Devices

12) HOW TO : Add Languages to BlackBerry 10

13) HOW TO : MHMobile Apps On Your BlackBerry 10

14) HOW TO : Save Picture and Share Post in BlackBerry Z10 Facebook (Workaround)

15) HOW TO : Fix Error ‘You Have Not Subscribed To Identity Restriction’ On BlackBerry 10

16) HOW TO : Create BBM™ Channel In 5 Steps

17) GAMES : Console Games on BlackBerry 10

18) HOW TO : Request a Refund For BlackBerry World Purchases

19) HOW TO : Run ANY Android 2.3.3 Apps on Blackberry10

20) HOW TO : Make A BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Voice/Video Call

21) HOW TO : Download You Tube As Video or Music File In BlackBerry 10

22) HOW TO : Install Android Apps On BlackBerry 10.2 WITHOUT Debug Token

23) HOW TO : Highlight, cut, copy and paste using a BlackBerry Z10

24) BACKDOOR : How To Get Porsche Design Clock Face On Your Z10

25) HOW TO : Get Instagram 6.0 On Your BlackBerry 10







A) HOWTO : Side Load Your BlackBerry10 With Android Apps (*.bar) (ENGLISH)

A) HOW TO : Bagaimana Sideload Applikasi Android ke BlackBerry 10 / PlayBook  (BM)

B) HOW TO : Run ANY Android 2.3.3 Apps on Blackberry10 (Easier Way)  (ENGLISH)

B) HOW TO : Memuatkan Applikasi Android 2.3.3 ke BlackBerry 10  (BM)

1. Instagram Sideload

2. WhatsApp Sideload *** WhatsApp now Available in BlackBerry World ***

3. OpenWhatsApp Sideload

4. WeChat Sideload

5. APPS : Netflix on Z10 (SideLoad)

6. HOW TO : LINE Sideload

7. APPS : Skype For BlackBerry Z10 (Sideload)

8. HOW TO : Get Instagram 5.0 With Instagram Direct on Your BlackBerry 10 

9. HOW TO : Install Blackmart Alpha on Your BlackBerry 10 Devices

10. HOW TO : Run Google Play Store on Your BlackBerry 10! (Updated: Jan, 2015)



HOW TO – Dev Alpha 

1) HOW TO : Side Load Your PlayBook Apps to Dev Alpha

2) HOW TO : Side Load Your PlayBook Apps to Dev Alpha Using MAC

3) HOW TO : Install the BlackBerry 10 Developer OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook











  1. Zaida Hendricks says:

    I need salatmk for my Blackberry Z10 kanallah please help.
    I had the app on all my previous blacberry why wont thez10 allow me.

    Zaida Hendricks

  2. syazwan says:

    Tolong saya. Saya tak boleh nak create BlackBerry ID. Dah masukkan emel smua tapi tak boleh.tolong…

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