APPS : BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.11.6.21



If you having some issues with the previous BBM update, BlackBerry has released a new BBM update v10.11.6.21.

The release uses the same changelog from the previous release, so while it’s hard to say what exactly has changed, but it’s safe to assume that there are some bug fixes in there as there always is with any update.

APPS : BlackBerry Services, Camera, Keyboard and More For Priv Updated



A new softwares update for Priv are now available for both unlocked devices and AT&T devices, among the updates are ; BlackBerry Services, Camera, Launcher, and Keyboard have all been updated with varying levels of changes.

Below are the details :-

  • – WhatsApp notification integration allows the user to view notifications of new chat content from WhatsApp directly in the Hub, and better manage their communications through features like Snooze and unread filters.
  • – Support for widescreen (16:9) photos, Significantly faster performance, Indicators for HDR and low-light scenes, Improved Peek Preview, Auto-focus and capture optimization, Other bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • – Minor enhancements and stability fixes.
  • – Prediction and correction for up to 3 similar languages at the same time, Emoji predictions, 20 new input languages, including Ukrainian and Belarusian translit, Option to use Shift key to toggle number row to show symbols in password fields, More user feedback during language download process, Increased sensitivity of cursor movement on physical keyboard in Cursor Control mode. You can change most of these new features in Settings > Language & input > BlackBerry Keyboard Settings.
  • – Turn on all notifications for all applications at once, The ability to turn on notifications by information type, including location, microphone, camera, and other personal information.
  • & – Keyboard shortcuts for ‘next’ and ‘previous’ message transition, The ability to change the order in which conversations are sorted, Location lookup for contact information lets you type in a point of interest and use it to populate a contact card, Enhanced content sync for email and text messages, and attaching content from integrated cloud providers.
  • – Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • – Multi-select items, Visual updates, Actionable Hyperlinks, Bug Fixes.
  • – Multi-select items, Visual updates, Actionable Hyperlinks, Bug Fixes.

We hope to see DTEK updates soon. However, these updates will please many Priv users at the moment.

NEWS : BBM For BlackBerry 10 Updated – Chat search, Feed Improvements and More!



After Android build been released, BlackBerry now has updated BBM for BlackBerry 10 users.

The update brought improvements to BlackBerry 10 devices such as the ability to search your BBM chats, contacts, groups and channels, like posts in your feed, request a contact’s location with enhancements to Glympse and more.

What’s New:

  • Search your BBM chats, contacts, groups and channels
  • Enhancements to Privacy & Control – retract pictures, retract all sent messages in a chat, and retract and edit messages in multi-person and group chats
  • Delete messages in your chats on your device
  • Request a contact’s location with enhancements to Glympse
  • Like posts in your Feed
  • Send broadcast messages to categories of your contacts
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The update is now available in BlackBerry World, if you not getting it, do search for BBM in BlackBerry World and the update option should appear for you.

APPS : S4BB’s Battery Watch is Fully Compatible with BlackBerry Priv



S4BB Limited announces full compatibility of their popular Battery Watch app with the brand newBlackBerry Priv.

Many loyal BlackBerry users love the Battery Watch app and use it for many years on their BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. With the launch of the Priv by BlackBerry, a great Android-powered smartphone has entered BlackBerry’s handset portfolio. S4BB Limited strives to make their products available for all users on all important platforms. Therefore, Battery Watch is now available for the BlackBerry Priv as it has been available for all other in-market BlackBerry devices.

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APPS: Real Time Security Notifications with Priv by BlackBerry DTEK Application



You’ve installed a new app on your BlackBerry 10, iOS or even Android device. Chances are, they’ll ask your permission first to access your personal data; contacts, camera, microphone and anything else that can actually trace you back personally to the device, and connect it to the larger part of the world via the internet.

The thing is, how do you know when they’ve accessed those personal bits of your life? Read more