BlackBerry User Group or known as BBUGMY are founded by a group of
BlackBerry fans, we are dedicated to bring you the latest news..inside and outside of the
beautiful devices and provides you with the best support, all in the name of #LoveWhatYouDo !


President : Nelson Rizal Radzmi
Deputy President : Mohd Zamri Mohd Shaffie


Board Team :
Abdullah Sabri Mohd Noor aka ‘kapoot’
Razuan A. Razak aka ‘PlayBoy’
Rafidah Mat Ruzki aka ‘Datin’


Editors :
Nor Arisham Bakar – recognized BlackBerry PowerFan


We maximize your organization’s investment in the BlackBerry® Solution or become more proficient at using your BlackBerry® smartphone with BlackBerry® Training courses.
BlackBerry Training allows BlackBerry® Enterprise Server system administrators and BlackBerry smartphone users to learn how to better use and manage the advanced features and capabilities of BlackBerry smartphones and software—this can mean improved efficiency and increased productivity for your organization.


BlackBerry Training courses are developed by BlackBerry experts from
BlackBerry User Group Malaysia (BBugMy) enthusiastic trainers who are skilled at helping participants understand, absorb and retain knowledge.
The course content is continually updated to reflect the latest developments in BlackBerry technology and uses a combination of interactive online sessions, interactive instruction, hands-on lab work and quizzes to make sure that each session delivers lasting impact.


Thank You For The Support
Bbugmy Admin

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